Message: Company

Function name Parameter Type Direction Description
SOAP_Company_Get() type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID, not used here, is ignored if used
data XML OUT Returned data in XML <companies>.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>. Example.

Tag name Data Table/Field IN OUT Default Description
<companies> C [Foretag] REQ STD N/A Root tag
 <num_records> L Records in selection([Foretag]) REQ STD   Number of records (<company> tags) in xml
 <company id=nnn> C [Foretag] REQ STD N/A Company container tag
  <comp_id> A8 [Foretag]ForetagsID REQ STD   Unique Company ID

Date Notes
9.4.2 2015-04-09 Pathes to examples was incorrect. <price_queries> renamed <price_querys> and <num_items> renamed <num_records> as in source.
9.2.7 2013-06-04 Parameters changes.
Added fields for e-commerce.
Internal changes for 4D 12.5.0.
Doctype HTML5, jQuery 1.10.1.
7.6.1 2008-04-17 Definition moved here.
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