Message: Pricing

Function name Parameter Type Direction Description
SOAP_Pricing_Get() type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID
price_query XML IN Query definition <price_queries>. Example, Advanced example.
data XML OUT Returned data in XML <pricings>. Example.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>. Example.

Tag name Data IN Default Description
<price_querys> C STD   Root tag
 <num_records> L REC   Number of <price_query> tags in file
 <co> A8 REQ   Company Id
 <cust_no> L REQ   Customer No
 <currency> A3 OPT   Currency code, if not stated the customers standard currency is used
 <price_query id="nnn" C STD   Query item container.
  <pq_prod> A20 REQ   Product Id
  <pq_quantity> R STD 1  

Tag name Data OUT Default Description
<pricings> C STD   Root tag
 <num_records> L STD   Number of records (<pricing> tags) in xml
 <cust_no> L STD   Customer No
 <currency> A3 STD   Currency code, same as the IN-parameter, if used, otherwise the customers standard currency
 <pricing id=nnn> C STD   Pricing container tag
  <pric_prod> A20 STD   Unique Product ID
  <pric_quantity> R STD    
  <pric_price> R STD Current price for this customer
  <pric_discount> R     Current discount for this customer, omitted if zero
  <pric_descr>  T STD   Pricing description
 <error id=nnn> C     Error container tag, only if any error
  <error_no> L     Error number
  <error_text> T     Error description

Revision Date Notes
10.1.0 2015-17-17 Error container. New tag <pric_descr>.
9.4.2 2015-04-09 Pathes to examples was incorrect. <price_queries> renamed <price_querys> and <num_items> renamed <num_records> as in source.
9.2.9 2013-10-01 Created.
Author: Åke Losman ©2013-2015  Info Struct AB