Message: Product

Function name Parameter Type Direction Description
SOAP_Product_Query() type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID, leave blank if querying the whole Company group.
query XML IN Query definition <query>.
records L OUT Numbers of records found.
keylist ArrA20 OUT Array of Product numbers returned.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>.
SOAP_Product_Get() type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN Field scope: 0 = Standard, 1 = Compact, 2 = Small, 5 = E-commerce, 9 = Everything.
company A8 IN Company ID
keylist ArrA20 IN Array of Product numbers to get.
data XML OUT Returned data in XML <products>. Example.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>. Example.
 (Read & write access required)
type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID
data XML IN Returned data in XML <products>. Example.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>. Example.
Tag name Data Fields in [Slutprodukt] Fields in [Artikel] IN OUT Query Default Description
<products> C [Slutprodukt] [Artikel] REQ STD     Root tag
 <num_records> L Records in selection Records in selection REQ STD     Number of records (<product> tags) in xml
 <product id=nnn> C [Slutprodukt] [Artikel] REQ STD     Product container tag
  <prod_id> A20 Nr Nr REQ STD X   Unique Product ID
  <prod_descr> A60* Benamning Benamning REQ STD X   *30 or 60 characters depending on configuration
  <prod_date> D Datum Datum   STD X Current date  
  <prod_co> A8 ForetagsID ForetagsID REQ STD     Company ID, if the Product is to be uses by the whole Company group leave it blank.
  <prod_unit> A5 Sort Sort REC STD   'st'  
  <prod_type> A30 Typ* Typ REC STD X 'Detalj' *For Slutprodukt always "SP"
  <prod_group> A30 Varugrupp Varugrupp REC STD X    
  <prod_revision> A8 Revision Revision   STD      
  <prod_project> A20 Projekt Projekt   STD X    
  <prod_weight_calc> R Vikt Vikt   STD   0  
  <prod_weight_real> R VerkligVikt VerkligVikt   STD   0  
  <prod_purch_price> R N/A Inkopspris REC STD*   0 *Depreciated, use SOAP_Pricing_Get()
  <prod_std_price> R N/A Standardpris REC STD*   0 *Depreciated, use SOAP_Pricing_Get()
  <prod_sell_price> R Forsaljpris Forsaljpris REC STD*   0 *Depreciated, use SOAP_Pricing_Get()
  <prod_sell_price_new> R Nytt_utpris Nytt_utpris   9   0  
  <prod_buyable> B Always True Kopdetalj REC STD X True  
  <prod_finished> B Always True Fardigvara   STD   False Is finished goods
  <prod_trace> I Sparbarhet Sparbarhet   STD   False Traceability flag
  <prod_isvariant> B N/A ArVariant   STD   False  
  <prod_variantfamily> A2 N/A VariantFamiljNr   STD*     *If <prod_isvariant> is True
  <prod_arrival_control> B Ankomstkontroll Ankomstkontroll   --   False Hanteras inte
  <prod_drawnon> A20 Ritad_pa Ritad_pa   STD      
  <prod_doc_revision> A5 DokUtgava DokUtgava   STD      
  <prod_proc_status> L Beredningsstatus Beredningsstatus   STD   0  
  <prod_country_origin> A2 Ursprungsland Ursprungsland   STD   Base country  
  <prod_stock_balance> R Sum([Lagersaldo]Saldo) Sum([Lagersaldo]Saldo) RO STD      
  <prod_purchaser> L N/A Inkopare   0     ->[Personal]Nr
  <prod_designer> L AnsvKonstruktor AnsvKonstruktor   0     ->[Personal]Nr
  <prod_planner> L AnsvPlanerare AnsvPlanerare   0     ->[Personal]Nr
  <prod_packing> A20 Emballage Emballage   0      
  <prod_packages> I Antal_kolli Antal_kolli   0      
  <prod_labour_cost_fixed> R Fast_MontKost Fast_MontKost   STD      
  <prod_labour_cost_var> R Rörlig_MontKost Rörlig_MontKost   STD      
  <prod_labour_moh> R MOPalägg MOPalägg   0      
  <prod_mtrl_cost_fixed> R Fast_MtrlKost Fast_MtrlKost   STD      
  <prod_mtrl_cost_var> R Rorlig_MtrlKost Rorlig_MtrlKost   STD      
  <prod_mtrl_roh> R TOPalagg TOPalagg   0      
  <prod_prod_time> R N/A TillverkningTid   0      
  <prod_normal_batch> R NormalSats NormalSats   STD      
  <prod_deliv_time> I Leveranstid Leveranstid   0     In days
  <prod_batch_size> R Partistorlek Partistorlek   0      
  <prod_waste> R N/A Spillprocent   0      
  <prod_breakdown_mo> B BrytNedVidSkapaTO BrytNedVidSkapaTO   0      
<prod_meth_bom_qty> I N/A MetodForStrukturAntal   0      
  <prod_ecomm_active> B EH_Aktiv EH_Aktiv   5 X False  
  <prod_ecomm_name> A80 EH_Namn EH_Namn   5      
  <prod_ecomm_cat1> L EH_Kategori1 EH_Kategori1   5      
  <prod_ecomm_cat2> L EH_Kategori2 EH_Kategori2   5      
  <prod_ecomm_cat3> L EH_Kategori3 EH_Kategori3   5      
  <prod_ecomm_cat4> L EH_Kategori4 EH_Kategori4   5      
  <prod_ecomm_cat5> L EH_Kategori5 EH_Kategori5   5      
  <prod_ecomm_note> T EH_InfoTxt EH_InfoTxt   5      
  <prod_ecomm_path> T EH_BildPath EH_BildPath   5      
  <prod_costcentre> A8 Kostnadsstalle Kostnadsstalle   0      
  <prod_vat> I Momsval Momsval   0   1  
  <prod_acc_ext_purch1> A8 InkKontoInh_Extern InkKontoInh_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_purch2> A8 InkKontoEU_Extern InkKontoEU_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_purch3> A8 InkKontoEjEU_Extern InkKontoEjEU_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat> A8 Konto2_Extern Konto2_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_red1> A8 Konto3_Extern Konto3_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_red2> A8 Konto4_Extern Konto4_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_ext1> A8 Konto5_Extern Konto5_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_ext2> A8 Konto6_Extern Konto6_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_ext3> A8 Konto7_Extern Konto7_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_vat_ext4> A8 Konto8_Extern Konto8_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_ext_goods_sold> A8 KontoKSV_Extern KontoKSV_Extern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_purch1> A8 InkKontoInh_Koncern InkKontoInh_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_purch2> A8 InkKontoEU_Koncern InkKontoEU_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_purch3> A8 InkKontoEjEU_Koncern InkKontoEjEU_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat> A8 Konto2_Koncern Konto2_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_red1> A8 Konto3_Koncern Konto3_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_red2> A8 Konto4_Koncern Konto4_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_ext1> A8 Konto5_Koncern Konto5_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_ext2> A8 Konto6_Koncern Konto6_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_ext3> A8 Konto7_Koncern Konto7_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_vat_ext4> A8 Konto8_Koncern Konto8_Koncern   0      
  <prod_acc_int_goods_sold> A8 KontoKSV_Koncern KontoKSV_Koncern   0      
  <prod_locked> B Locked Locked   STD X False  
  <prod_active> B Inaktiv Inaktiv   STD X False  
  <prod_ts> TS TimeStamp TimeStamp   STD X Curr. date/time  
  <prod_str1> A80 FrittFalt1 FrittFalt1   1,2      
  <prod_str2> A80 FrittFalt2 FrittFalt2   1,2      
  <prod_str3> A80 FrittFalt3 FrittFalt3   1,2      
  <prod_str4> A80 FrittFalt4 FrittFalt4   1,2      
  <prod_str5> A80 FrittFalt5 FrittFalt5   1,2      
  <prod_str6> A80 FrittFalt6 FrittFalt6   1,2      
  <prod_str7> A80 FrittFalt7 FrittFalt7   1,2      
  <prod_num1> R FrittFalt8 FrittFalt8   1,2   0  
  <prod_num2> R FrittFalt9 FrittFalt9   1,2   0  
  <prod_num3> R FrittFalt10 FrittFalt10   1,2   0  
  <prod_txt1> T FrittFalt11 FrittFalt11   1,2      
  <prod_txt2> T FrittFalt12 FrittFalt12   1,2      
  <prod_txt3> T FrittFalt13 FrittFalt13   1,2      
  <prod_txt4> T FrittFalt14 FrittFalt14   1,2      
T  FrittFalt15
  <prod_str8> A80
N/A FrittFalt16   1,2
  <prod_str9> A80 N/A FrittFalt17   1,2      
  <prod_str10> A80 N/A FrittFalt18   1,2      
  <prod_str11> A80 N/A FrittFalt19   1,2      
  <prod_str12> A80 N/A FrittFalt20   1,2      
  <prod_str13> A80 N/A FrittFalt21   1,2      
  <prod_str14> A80 N/A FrittFalt22   1,2      
  <prod_str15> A80 N/A FrittFalt23   1,2      
  <prod_note> T ProdKommentar* Kommentar   1,2     *old tag <prod_prodnote>
  <prod_salesnote> T Kundkommentar* SaljKommSv   1,2     *old tag <prod_custnote>
<descriptions> C [ProduktBen] [ProduktBen]   1     Container for descriptions
 <description id=nnn> C [ProduktBen] [ProduktBen]   STD     Container for a description
  <desc_code> A3 [ProduktBen]Blankettkod [ProduktBen]Blankettkod   STD      
  <desc_desc> A30 [ProduktBen]Benamning [ProduktBen]Benamning   STD      
<suppliers> C [ArtLev] [ArtLev]   0     Container for suppliers
 <supplier id=nnn> C [ArtLev] [ArtLev] REQ STD     Container for a supplier
  <suppl_id> L [ArtLev]Leverantornr [ArtLev]Leverantornr REQ STD      
  <suppl_name> A30 [Leverantor]Namn [Leverantor]Namn RO STD      
  <suppl_currency> A3 [Leverantor]Valuta [Leverantor]Valuta RO STD      
  <suppl_country> A2 [Leverantor]Landkod [Leverantor]Landkod RO STD      
  <suppl_primary> B [ArtLev]Huvudlev [ArtLev]Huvudlev REQ STD      
  <suppl_internal> B [ArtLev]InternLev [ArtLev]InternLev   STD      
  <suppl_prod_id> A20 [ArtLev]LevArtikelnr [ArtLev]LevArtikelnr REQ STD      
  <suppl_prod_unit> A5 [ArtLev]LevSort [ArtLev]LevSort REC STD      
  <suppl_prod_desc> A30 [ArtLev]LevBenämning [ArtLev]LevBenämning REC STD      
  <suppl_prod_unitprice> R [ArtLev]LevPris [ArtLev]LevPris   STD      
  <suppl_prod_price> R [ArtLev]LevInköpPris [ArtLev]LevInköpPris   STD      
  <suppl_prod_stdprice> R [ArtLev]Standardpris [ArtLev]Standardpris   STD      
  <suppl_delivery_time> I [ArtLev]LevTid [ArtLev]LevTid   STD      
  <suppl_convfact> R [ArtLev]LevFakt [ArtLev]LevFakt   STD      
  <suppl_extra_purch_cost1> R [ArtLev]XtraInköpKr [ArtLev]XtraInköpKr   STD      
  <suppl_extra_purch_cost2> R [ArtLev]XtraInköpProc [ArtLev]XtraInköpProc   STD      
  <suppl_diff[1-6]_from> R [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]From [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]From   9     [ArtLev]Staffling1From to [ArtLev]Staffling6From
  <suppl_diff[1-6]_price> R [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]Pris [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]Pris   9     [ArtLev]Staffling1Pris to [ArtLev]Staffling6Pris
  <suppl_diff[1-6]_disc> R [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]Rabatt [ArtLev]Staffling[1-6]Rabatt   9     [ArtLev]Staffling1Rabatt to [ArtLev]Staffling6Rabatt
  <suppl_note> T [ArtLev]LevBestkom [ArtLev]LevBestkom   0      
  <suppl_ts> DT [ArtLev]Timestamp [ArtLev]Timestamp RO STD      
<stock_locations> C [Art_Plats] [Art_Plats]   STD     Container for Stock Locations
 <stock_location id=nnn> C [Art_Plats] [Art_Plats] REQ STD      
  <stock_loc_name> A5 [Art_Plats]Forradsplats [Art_Plats]Forradsplats REQ STD      
<stock_balances> C [Forrad] [Forrad] RO STD     Container for Stock Balances
 <stock_balance id=nnn> C [Forrad] [Forrad] RO STD      
  <stock_bal_stock> A5 [Forrad]Namn [Forrad]Namn RO STD      
  <stock_bal_balance> R GetLagerSaldo() GetLagerSaldo() RO STD      
Revision Date Notes
Fields added: <prod_meth_bom_qty>.
Fields changed: <prod_descr> 30 -> 60 chars.
Mode OUT specified on all fields.
Documentation show differences between [Slutprodukt] and [Artikel].
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7.7.1 2009-01-29 Fields added: [Artikel]Nytt utpris & [Artikel]Ankomstkontroll
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