Message: Stock Balance

Function name Parameter Type Direction Description
SOAP_StockBalance_Get () type L IN 0 = All products, 1 = Active products
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID
keylist XML IN Array of Product numbers to get
data XML OUT Returned data in XML <stock>. Example.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>.

XML Message/Tag name Data Table/Field IN OUT Default Description
<stock> C [Lagersaldo] N/I STD    
 <balance id=nnn> C [Lagersaldo] N/I STD    
  <prod_id> A20 [Lagersaldo]Artikel/Slutprodukt N/I STD    
  <prod_variant> A80 [Lagersaldo]VariantKod N/I STD   Only when 'Slutprodukt'
  <prod_stock> A20 [Lagersaldo]Förråd N/I STD    
  <prod_balance> R [Lagersaldo]Saldo N/I STD    

Date/time Notes
0.9/9.2.7 2013-06-04 Parameters changes.
Interna uppdateringar för 4D 12.5.0.
Doctype HTML5.
0.8/7.6.1 2008-04-17 Definition moved here.
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