Message: Stock move

Function name Parameter Type Direction Description

(Read & write access required)
type L IN 0
version L IN 1
mode L IN 0
company A8 IN Company ID
data XML IN Data to send in XML <proposals>.
log XML OUT Operations log in XML <log>.

Tag name Data Table/Field IN OUT Query Default Description
<stockmove> C REQ        
  <stockmove_prodno> A20    REQ       Product No 
  <proposal_chargeno> A30 -         Charge No
  <stockmove_amount> R - REQ       0
  <stockmove_toplace> A5  - REQ       Stock place to move to 
  <stockmove_fromplace> A5  - REQ       Stock place to move from 
  <stockmove_compid> A8  - REQ       Company ID in Hybron 
  <stockmove_variantcode> A80         Variant code of the article 
  <stockmove_langcode> A3       INT Language code INT=internal (Swe, Eng, Ty, Est) 
  <stockmove_userno> -         User No in Hybron

Revision Date Notes
10.2.2  2017-02-08 Created.
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